Have You Tried a Holistic Dentist Yet

Holistic dentists are just as qualified as regular dentists. They go to school for many years to study medicine and end up specializing in everything tooth, mouth and boring magazine-related. The difference between the two is in the breadth of knowledge and spectrum of services they provide.

What’s wrong with going to a regular dentist?

Well, nothing, really. A dental health professional is who you should go see as part of a program for cleaning and maintaining a healthy set of pearly whites. The word “regular” is not a pejorative term here; you should think of the term as being synonymous with “standard”.

Standard care from a dentist is regular cleanings (about every 9 months), occasional X-rays and a dependable lecture on brushing and flossing; all the things we just loved as children! These regularly scheduled procedures are the fundamental aspects of good oral care. But, you can have even more bang for your mouth-care buck.

What is a holistic dentist?

Beyond what we know are standard dental services, dentists can offer an even more helpful array of services.

Part of every dentist’s schooling is the study of human biology. Future dentists don’t just focus on studying the mouth; that’s because human bodies are complex interconnected systems. Any healthcare professional can tell you that what happens to one part of the body may have an affect on other areas.

This is where holistic dentists come in. They never abandon their learning of biology. A good holistic dentist keeps up with current developments in all the fields of research relating to the human body. That means you can consult with them about a variety of needs, which don’t necessarily correlate to the health of your teeth.

My story (or, what my personal life has to do with dental care)

I love my life. I believe that happiness is all due to the mindset you choose to have. I have always been assertive in mind and body, so it’s not a stretch for me simply to “decide” every morning to be happy. I took the same tact with my choice of dental care providers.

One thing that has always conspired to throw a wet blanket over my dreams is the chronic pain from a condition called fibromyalgia (fibro for short). Though I cope as well as anyone with my condition, I have always been on the lookout for healthy solutions to ameliorate the situation. This is how holistic dentistry came into my life.

After a recent move, I had to re-organize many things; including finding a new dentist. After some quick searching, I found a holistic dentist a short walk from my new home. At the time, I did not know what a holistic dentist was, so I investigated further.

Long-story-short, I found out that the new guy is just as effective and qualified as my last dentist. What’s more, during my regular visits we often discussed diet, exercise and lifestyle choices that could have an affect on my fibro. That had nothing to do with my mouth, but had everything to do with my overall well-being. What a great deal!

Since I started going to my new holistic dentist I have seen marked improvements in my physical and psychological well-being. My teeth are doing great in spite of the fact that I never floss. I still lie about that.


The term holistic refers to something that involves the “whole” you. Professionally trained holistic dentists can provide care for every area of your life, from diet and lifestyle to research and referrals. In a nutshell, this is what holistic dentists do differently than regular dentists. If, like me, you have struggled with proper diet, exercise and chronic illnesses, you’ll likely get more out of seeing a holistic dentist.

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