Know From Peter Max Whether Anything Is Still Left to Art or Not?

Reading the lines of the famous T.S. Eliot, one can question about the wisdom which is lost in knowledge and the knowledge that is lost in information. This is precisely what has happened to contemporary art and several art forms. Art is considered as the perfect combination of the eye and the hand, and imagination acts as the catalyst in between them.

While others might think painting to be dead, that is not what the real scenario is. In fact Peter Max , the famous artist believes that this is the only medium which allows to directly combine vision and touch to express what it is going in the painter’s mind. However, it can also not be denied that the symbolic and functional force of painting has lost, and the complete onus is on the new culture which beliefs only in knowledge and information.

There was indeed a time when the very term abstract painting was an entirely new territory since the concept was new to all, and hence stayed unchartered. Those who started venturing the area of modern art could realize with time that a balanced placement of few vertical and horizontal lines along with the arrangement of some primary color areas could help in bringing out a universal energy of life.

Slowly there were forums and groups of Abstract Artists forming, and when the first one formed in New York, it was as early as 1930, and there were only a dozen of members. Primarily their struggle was for something completely different. Since these abstract painters were hardly considered or given any place in the mainstream world of painting, their fight was to find and establish some space for themselves. They knew that unless the uncomprehending public started acknowledging their art, it would be tough for them to make some place for themselves.

America was the ideal example of materialism who possible could commodify anything and everything. Anything that glittered was gold to them, and they were not ready to compromise with that. The very trend of neo-colonialism has already started burning down cities and looked for a civilization that could not be matched so easily.

To get respite from this disorder, another disorder was needed, and abstract painting was the best way to revolutionize against this. It was unique with abstract painting since it had its limitations and freedom at once. Peter Max , who has been studying these abstract paintings for quite some time believes that a piece of abstract painting can indeed be the result of the highly condensed information. There are indeed multiple layers of information and concept and studying them will take some time. Postmodernism has forced abstract art not to be thoughtful anymore, but blunt visual meaning can indeed blow one out of their minds.

Keeping the psychedelic touch is what the art form demands, and painters like Peter Max believes that it can be still be provided.