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AP Credit (Licence No: 51/2017) is a legal and licensed money lender in Singapore. That is, the amount of extra money that has to be paid back over and above the amount of the original loan. Furthermore, 63 licences to lend money in various districts were granted by the Licensed Money Lender In Singapore office of the Director of Consumer Affairs in the last session. Singapore money lending companies always maintain a good relationship with their customers and they are always bound to be answerable to you.

If the borrower can establish that the lender has lent money in consideration for a higher sum being repaid, he may rely on the presumption contained in section 3 of the MLA to discharge this burden. The Central Bank of Ireland regulates the activities of moneylenders and is responsible for issuing moneylending licences in Ireland.

Last but not least, the biggest difference is in the interest rates charged by these lenders. Money lending companies or individual lenders, no matter from where you are taking out a loan, your lender will be completely trusted if the business is following all the lawful rules.

You can now get rid of these problems by availing support from Top and licensed money lender professionals. Assistant Registrar Jacqueline Lee set aside the bankruptcy application in the closed-door session and ordered Mr Ang to pay $1,500 in costs to Mr Goh.

There are many licensed and legal money lending services where you can turn to for such cash loan in Singapore, and one of them is Sumo Credit Pte Ltd. Singapore is a top working destination for foreigners wishing to work in one of the world’s largest financial hubs.