Scott Beale Tempus Focuses on Types of Aircrafts used in Commercial and Services

Most of us have traveled by air at least once in life yet we hardly know anything about aircraft. While we are aware of the various airline companies plaguing the market and all about their prices and comfort level, the actual nature of the aircraft remains largely hidden from public eye. In rare occasions, we hear the name of Boeing, Airbus etc. Our knowledge rests there. In fact, the name of Boeing and such doesn’t ring a bell, at times we only consider them as fighter planes but that’s not the case. As per Scott Beale Tempus , an aviation professional and business personality, a large number of commercial flights are indeed Boeings but of different nature than the fighter planes.

There are some essential types of aircraft, which are regularly used by commercial airlines. Boeings and Airbus are two well-known examples of them. Similar other aircraft follow suit and here we will get to know more about them. The most widely used aircraft are Airbus, Boeing, McDonnell Douglas, Embraer, and Bombardier.  Of these, the Airbus and Boeing are used for long destinations whereas Douglas is reserved for medium routes. Embraer and Bombardier play a crucial in the airline industry especially in America and Europe as more than 30 airlines use these aircraft. Now that we know their utility lets know a bit more about the major commercial aircraft.


This is the most widely used commercial aircraft. It’s mostly used by airline companies of the UK like the British Airways, Eastern Airways etc. Several of the United Airlines and Delta Airlines use Boeing aircraft which includes models like 737-700 and 777-200 ER.  American airlines have used 737-800, 757, 767 and 777 models. The 757 single-aisle model is widely famous amongst the airlines. Apart from this, the 149 single class passenger holder 737-700 and 126 passenger holder 2 class aircraft are equally. The newly recruited 209 m long 777-200ER with a capacity of 440 passengers is fast gaining momentum in the aviation industry. The 110-foot long 700 series covers a distance of 3,440 nautical miles


Next line is the Airbus. Scott Beale Tempus says a moderately affordable aircraft usually used for long-distance flights. The A300 and A310 are medium range aircraft and were widely used earlier. The newly developed A320 medium-range aircraft has grown into prominence now and most airlines opt for this series. In 2007, A330 and A340 series were launched paving the way for large aircraft carrying 525 passengers. Now, an even better version with a capacity of 853 people is available in the form of A380 series. United Airlines mostly uses the A320 and A319 series whereas the Delta airlines use A320-200, A330-300 models. The longest one A380 covers a distance of 8,300 nautical miles

McDonnell Douglas

This is part of the Boeing entourage and sports medium and short-range aircraft, which travel up to 3260 nautical miles. They are widely known as MD80 models. The latest version MD83 which covers the aforementioned distance is a 2 engine powered aircraft with a carrying capacity of 137-172 passengers. Delta Airlines usually use MD models of which MD88 and MD90 are mostly used. Apart from these 3 types, Bombardier CRJ-700 and Embraer’s ERJ-145, ERJ-140 are often used by airlines. So overall these are the aircraft which are primarily used for commercial services.

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