Teams That Found Recognition in the History of NBA

The history of National Basketball Association is long enough and enriched with achievements which are feats on their own. Those who have been highly enthusiastic about the game have tried to study this history, as it gives them a better idea of the evolution of the teams. There are several organizations who have been studying the history of NBA, and they have been using numbers and statistical analyses as a means of calculating the objective answers.

A unique system, known as Elo rating is quite popular in ascertaining the exact figures. Experts like Michael T. Eckhardt remarks it as the iPad of Sports power ratings. The design is pretty simple, and they do a lot with very little things, depending completely on the final score of each game, and where it has been played. All the teams gain the Elo points only when they have won a game, and lose ground only after losing them. It is accounted not for just the regular seasons, but also the playoff games that are being played for qualifying in several tournaments.

While dissecting the Elo rating of teams, one needs to focus on the wins and losses of the respective team. However, there is a really lot that goes in these two categories. One has to consider the margin of victory and whether the game was on road or not. Even the strength of the opponent and many more factors are to be taken into consideration to ensure, the Elo rating is being read and apprehended perfectly.

But there are teams like 1995-96 Chicago Bulls who still proclaim to be the best in the history of NBA, even after taking the Elo equation out of any consideration. This particular team has got a record win of 72 regular seasons win, and of course, tied the season up with a pretty bow by defeating the Seattle Supersonics in the finals for almost six times. The average scoring point for the team has been 105.2 per game and even has the recognition for being the most defensive bunch in NBA. Chicago ended up the composite Elo rating of 1815. So whichever way it is been seen or sliced, there’s no denying that it is the best ever team NBA has ever come across.

In the recent days, the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors achieved history by compiling a new record of 73 regular seasons win and go pass the Chicago Bulls. There has been a constant argument regarding who among these above mentioned two teams is better, and this argument was etched further once the Dubs blew a straight 3-1 lead to the Cavs in the NBA finals. As far as the Elo rating is concerned, the Warriors finished the year with a composite score of 1798, placing them third at the all-time best rating list.

According to Michael T. Eckhardt , each of the teams has separate seasons, and their performance in each and every season seems to be startling. Judging them fairly will find few repetitions of few names in the best teams list in the history of NBA.