The Ingredient That Goes into The Best Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes for Women

Many women struggle to lose weight, and with all the different diets available, it is hard to know which ones are safe and effective. It is also a fight for women to keep the weight off, once it has been lost. Fortunately, a simple and healthful option is to drink the weight-loss shakes sold in vitamin stores and local pharmacies.

Of course, these may not provide you with the correct mixture of nourishment to keep you from feeling hungry between meals. Moreover, if you want to substitute two meals with two shakes, ideally you should not feel as if you are being tortured. Here are some of the best healthy meal replacement shakes that you can make on your own.

Are the Pre-Made Types the Best healthy Meal Replacement Shakes to Drink?

The pre-made shakes found at grocery stores will probably fill you up, but the nutrients come with unhealthy ingredients like artificial flavors and preservatives.

Good quality, pre-made shakes have non-soy proteins, an assortment of minerals and vitamins, and no artificial ingredients, but those are not so easy to find, and they tend to be pricey. You might be better off learning a little about what makes you healthy and make your own tasty shakes.

How Much Does It Take?

The average woman should limit her caloric intake to 1,200 calories per day. Having breakfast, lunch, and dinner will easily take you over the top, especially if you go out for a meal or two. Two pancakes will use up 340 calories, and that does not include the butter and syrup. Grilled chicken, while better than chicken fried steak, still will not save you from taking in more calories than you need. That is why drinking a shake instead of eating a full meal works. Just ensure it has the right amounts of all the nutrients you need to feel satisfied.

The Importance of Vitamins

The best healthy meal replacement shakes for women will always include two important ingredients. Vitamins and minerals will make a big difference in how you feel and how you look. There are 8 B vitamins that are referred to as Vitamin B Complex. From B1 to B12, each one is important to keep the body energized. B12 can be found in eggs and dairy. Riboflavin, or B2, is also found in eggs and leafy greens. Peanuts are a great source of niacin, while avocados and cashews will provide B5. Strawberries provide biotin or B7.

Minerals also help your body stay healthy, and the essential minerals probably sound familiar. Look for food sources that include potassium, calcium, and iron. Calcium is found in most dairy foods, like milk and cheese. It is also in leafy vegetables, fortified cereals, and different fish, like sardines and anchovies. Whole grains, nuts, dried fruits, and beans are chock full of iron. There is potassium in bananas, broccoli, seeds, and shellfish.

Consider Fiber as Your Friend

When you consume a balanced meal of chicken and leafy vegetables, a little fruit, and some dairy, you will rarely get hungry between meals. This is because proteins and fibers are friends. Foods containing fiber are incredibly helpful because fiber fills you up.

Find rich sources of fiber to put into your shake. Try mixing a few strawberries, a touch of butter lettuce, coconut milk, and some ice. If it is not sweet enough to suit your tastes, add a little artificial sweetener, like Truvia.

Proteins Are Hot

It is true. Protein increases the production of heat inside the body, and when something is burning, you can be sure that calories are being taken down. All the proteins you consume will help you build muscles and get rid of fat too when you your body is exercised.

You probably do not want to drink a grilled chicken and brown rice shake, so opt for silk tofu, kefir, or use protein powders instead.

Use the Low Stuff

In order to stay healthy, a woman’s body also needs a small number of carbohydrates and fat, but not the kind that will work against you. Try adding a mixture of nuts, like almonds, cashews, or walnuts to the coconut milk.

The taste of the nuts goes well with apple, so add a red delicious or a granny to your shake. Top it off with half an avocado and that mixture will become one of the best replacement meal shakes for women you ever drink.

It is not difficult to mix a good-tasting, healthy shake. When you know the nutrients your body requires, you can skip a meal or two, drink your shakes, lose weight, and never feel hungry.