Tooth Restorations are the Bomb

I have a confession, Internet. I don’t floss and I’m terrible at brushing my teeth, too. Everyone tells me to try an electric toothbrush, but those things just irritate me. I need to physically brush my teeth, you know, with my arm and brawn. At any rate, I must have been doing something wrong, because now my teeth are not in good shape.

Flossing is probably a big scam, so it’s got to be my brushing”, I told my dentist.

He just stared at me blankly. I suppose he couldn’t handle the news about flossing; that it was “fake news” all along. I didn’t rub it in.

He referred me to a specialist.

I have a good dental plan

My dental plan has been there since I started carrying cinder blocks for Google. Never once have I worried about how I was going to afford to have that dental work done. And, I have had need of such work more than once!

At hockey, I’ve had a few teeth punched out, but mostly accidentally ejected from my mouth from the usual collisions that happen out on the ice. As a result, I’ve got dentures.

More than half my teeth are real. Guess which ones are fake!”, I like to challenge my co-workers and my mother-in-law (basically anyone with hyphens in their title).

The one thing my dental plan doesn’t help me with is time lost due to dental operations. I hate missing work and, especially leisure activities due to the necessary procedures my foolish habits have gotten me into.

My most recent scrape was the most positive, and that’s why I am writing this on the business blog, to give my man a shout-out, and drive more folks to his humble dental shop in sunny San Diego.

Dental restorations

Also called dental fillings, it’s the name of the treatment for fixing your broken teeth.

The specialist taking care of my dental restorative work is Dr. Vinograd at his San Diego dental practice.

He’s what is called a holistic dentist. They not only work with issues involving the teeth and mouth but look at treating the whole person. The good doctor was extremely knowledgeable and you get a feel for that on the website. Some good free advice concerning diet and even mental health care (I’m not kidding) on there. I highly recommend.

Anyway, I got a date set for my dental restoration work, and I have to say it was pretty convenient. I had a health regime to follow before and after and I really enjoyed not having to be lectured when I was in for the initial check-up (or whatever it’s called in this situation). I spoke with my dentist at length about many topics, but I was never lectured.

I didn’t miss much time at work or at home, and the time I now enjoy, by virtue of the new diet I am on, is quality time! My teeth, the real ones, are doing well, and I even try to smile every now and then.

That’s my story and I am sticking to it.


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