Where is the most romantic city and what are some unconventional things to do there?

Where is the most romantic city and what are some unconventional things to do there?

Everyone knows Paris as the city of love. The Eiffel tower, the Louvre, the lantern lit bridges and cobbled side streets always seem to set the perfect mood, but there’s a lot more to Paris than the hotel brochure tells you. There are some wonderful sides to Paris that are unique, fascinating and rich in history. For couples who like to do things a bit differently and would love to see a bit more of Paris, here are some unconventional things you can do:

Cercle Clichy Montmartre

In the North West of Pairs, there is a tiny casino called Cercle Clichy Montmartre that is over 60 years old, although it looks like it should be older (in a good way).  The outside is adorable with a slightly retro Parisian look, while inside you’ll find poker tables, beautiful vintage style walls and quite a few people. While this quaint little hole in the wall might not be the place to spend the whole day it is definitely charming to visit, although it can get pretty busy now and then. One might suggest that you visit for the aesthetic and look up to satisfy your poker cravings.

Museum of Vampire and Legendary Creatures

Any couples out there enjoy macabre and creepy things? In Paris you’ll find the collection of expert scholar Jacques Sirgent who has a fascination for all things unnatural and undead. The entrance to the miniature museum leads through a cemetery-style garden, complete with hanging bats and human remains, and inside you will find all kinds of artefacts and relics and even learn about the history of vampires in Paris. If you love the dark and mysterious then visit here and don’t forget to ask the guide about the vampire ritual grounds. The cemeteries are great places to look for at night after you’ve been thoroughly spooked

Explore the art

Paris, as well as being incredibly romantic, is also achingly cool. All over the place you’ll find some whacky, beautiful and charming street art as well as vintage shops and charming little hipster hotspots. The Pot des Arts, for example, was the bridge where thousands of lovers visiting Paris attached a padlock to solidify their love. Regretfully, so many lovers came to Paris that the padlocks had to be removed for fear of damaging the iconic bridge. So, as a compromise, the mayor of Paris arranged for the bridge to be a public gallery, showcasing romantic and adorable art for all of the visiting romantics. Now, all of the tourists in love can come to the Seine and look at the art.

Another amazing creative hangout is 59 Rivoli, an abandoned building that was taken over by a squad of squatting artists. The artists breathed new life into the building and turned a crumbling structure into a gallery and theatre and after the building was brought up to code over 30 artists moved in for good. All of the exhibits are absolutely free and open to the public.

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